Collaboration, Accountability, Continuous Learning, Flexibility and Passion for Customers"




As the main telecommunication company of Aruba we believe in CONNECTING PEOPLE AND BUSINESS with the help of the most innovative and newest technology, latest products and services there is. 

We believe that technology is essential for driving human progress and that the technology we provide transforms the way we all work and live on the island of Aruba. 

To be able to deliver this we are constantly on the look out for professionals and experts that are a match to our company.










Application Tips


1. Do some research on our company and services
2. Match your experience, competences, knowledge in your application letter
3. Review your resume and application letter for grammar errors before submission
4. Your application letter should be brief and to the point (max. 1 A4)


Interview Tips


1. Dress for success, but don't overdo it!
2. Arrive on time
3.First impression is important, but so is your body language during the interview
4. Prepare insightful questions